Each of our artists are highly trained, committed to perfecting their craft, and specialize in dimensional color.

We are a tribe, a unit, a team. We grow, learn, and experience together. We also understand sometimes you simply flow best with another stylist. Rest assured, as a team we are committed to one other's growth. There are never hard feelings if you'd like to schedule with a different stylist on our team instead of who have previously seen before. When you're at Uplifted, you're in good hands. We promise.

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Owner / Stylist

Why she started Uplifted: 

In 2016, I welcomed my first child into the world and found myself with the heavy weight of postpartum depression.I suddenly felt I was a part of a very ugly industry full of toxic thoughts and ideas surrounding beauty. More than anything, I wanted to be a role model for my daughter. I wanted to show her how to smash glass ceilings and to be proud of who she was on an inner level. The industry had lost it’s lust for me and the work environment I was in only fed into my doubts.
Some may call it serious soul searching, some may call it a mental breakdown but I knew I had 2 choices- leave the hair world or go all in.
From there, Uplifted Salon was born


Why she loves working at Uplifted: 

I love working at Uplifted for the family. The environment is so welcoming and comforting. You are heard at Uplifted, loved at Uplifted, and supported through every step at Uplifted.

Here's the facts:  

I love this fun and artistic career. I get to use my creativity every single day to help women feel truly beautiful in their skin. I love to keep my client's hair goals in mind while also maintaining the integrity and health of their hair. I love when we can get creative together to make your hair dreams come true! 

Paige Higgins


Why she loves working at Uplifted: 

We aren’t just your typical work environment. We’re truly a family who always wants to see each other grow & do amazing things. it’s not just a job to me, and that’s all thanks to the hairstylists that work at Uplifted with me. I can’t imagine a better place to call my salon

Here's the facts:  

I'm likely sippin' black tea lemonade and cruising cyberspace trying to find cute clothes!  If you’d like to talk about clothing boutiques, girl power, and great hair with me, I would love to meet you and help you hair dreams come true! 

Layla Wehbe


Why she loves working at Uplifted: 

Working at Uplifted allows me to embrace my creative side while following a structured path. I love the freedom to try new things and switch things up. My nurturing and empathetic personality helps clients feel better about themselves. I’m passionate about what I do, and I appreciate that my career is driven by my effort, offering endless opportunities for growth and improvement.

Here's the facts:  

I love creating high-impact lighting and lived-in blondes, and I’m excited to work on extensions. I’m a go-with-the-flow person and a perfectionist who always gives 110%, and my empathetic nature helps me connect deeply with my clients. In my free time, I love hiking, being outdoors, and caring for my five chinchillas and two dogs.


Looking for Passionate Stylists

Why she loves working at Uplifted: 

Uplifted Salon was founded on the idea that we could be a team of stylists who were about more than surface level beauty.

We are a group of stylists who collaborate as a team, offer the highest level of guest experience, have a serious love for social media marketing, and truly believe girls rule the world.​

if you are ready to be a part of a community where you are seen and heard, want to grow financially, and are interested in joining our unique salon atmosphere, we invite you to apply for a position with us! 

Join our Team

We're not a regular salon, we're an               salon.

At Uplifted, we are committed to creating a color that works for you and your lifestyle. Always wear your hair up in a bun? We want to know! Unable to commit to appointments more than 4 times a year? Let's make it work!

We get it babe! In this salon, there is no judgement, ever. We promise to come to the table with a listening ear, an open heart, and an artist's mind. Together, we'll craft not only hair you love today, but a hair you'll love for weeks to come.

Spending hundreds of hours on Instagram trying to find the perfect salon just for you? 

sound familiar?


Send you home with the skills, products, and knowledge you need to love your locks in the weeks to come.

Offer an experience completely customized to you, leaving you feeling like the queen you are.

Achieve your hair dreams while keeping your hair healthy.

What if a new salon could:

When you leave our salon, you will have confidence in yourself, be Uplifted and have a fresh mindset. 

Uplifted Babes live for the details and truly appreciate self care. 

Uplifted Babe

What it's like to be an

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Uplifted Babes know they are excellent decision makers who can fully trust their perfectly professional beauty team.

Uplifted Babes value healthy hair and healthy products. 




our vision for this space starts with you.



our Amenities have you in mind.

"The entire at Uplifted is friendly and professional. We always dive  deep into our conversations. This salon really lives up to it's name. I am majorly Uplifted every time I am there."

- Sarah Hoover

I loved my experience at Uplifted! Madi did great getting me to the color I wanted. I’ve never felt more comfortable at a hair salon, and finally found a place I would like to come back to regularly!

- Kayla Puno

I love Uplifted Salon! Kaylee does a beautiful balayage, and I feel so happy when I leave the salon! I feel more confident, especially when I have my hair curled by Kaylee!

- Lydia Keinrath