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When creating Uplifted Salon, we wanted to combine years of knowledge and training to create a luxury experience for women who value a service done well. Your experience will be one that we have spent countless years intentionally crafting. Ready to make your Pinterest dream a reality? You are in the right place. Here is our promise to you..

Are you ready for your transformation?

(We think its time you got the *wow* worthy hair you want)

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Our Signature Process:

01. Choose Your Experience 

Your experience starts online when you use our convenient online scheduling software. Since you are a new guest, you'll have 3 options to choose from when scheduling your appointment. Please select the option that best describes which services you'd like to have done:

1. New Guest Dimensional Color
2. New Guest Solid Color
3. New Guest Haircut

Each color option includes a haircut or a luxury post-color treatment. After you schedule your appointment, you'll receive a courtesy confirmation and appointment reminder via email.

If you are ever unsure about which service to schedule, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team by emailing us at info@upliftedsalon.com.  

02.Customize Your Visit

We want your visit with us to be exactly what you want! The day before you arrive, we'll send you a text with a form to customize your entire experience, ensuring your hair oasis is ready and waiting for you.

03. Healthy Hair Everytime

We value your hair's health above all else. Each color experience includes a haircut or a customized post-color treatment.

04. Plan For Success

Get cozy and truly relax! You'll discuss your likes, dislikes, lifestyle, and health of your hair with your stylist. The two of you will create of plan of action to achieve both your short and long term hair goals.

05. Last But Not Least...

Throughout your appointment your stylist will share styling tips and product recommendations, setting you up for success when styling your hair at home.
Before you head out the door, we will go over any other at-home recommendations, as well as set up your future appointment, ensuring all your long-term hair goals are met.

While in between appointments, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page and our blog for additional how-to’s and exclusive information.

With our 24/7 online scheduling software, it's easier than ever to schedule and make appointment adjustments yourself! No phone tag required! Click Schedule Now to see our scheduling page. 

06. What is the best way to schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment?

 As a new guest, you have 3 options! New Guest Dimensional, New Guest All Over Solid Color, New Guest Haircut. If you're receiving a color service, you're more than likely a dimensional color (highlights, balayage, etc). When scheduling, you'll be prompted to upload photos of your current hair and your goal hair. This lets our team start dreaming up how to reach the goals right away and make any needed appointment adjustments!

03. I'm new here! What are my scheduling options?

Our salon uses the entire Oligo color line. This means we use Calura color, Calura gloss, and all of our lightners are Blacklight. We offer Olaplex as an enhancement to your color as well.

05. What color line do you use in the salon?

Never!! We are truly committed to working as team and there are never any hard feelings if you need to see a different stylist. We understand schedules get complicated and we also know it can take a while before you a stylists that fits your needs. We keep detailed notes on your likes, dislikes, and formulas so switching stylists within Uplifted is easy breezy.


Every single color includes a consultation, hot, lavender infused towel, a PH balancing color lock treatment, and the option of a cut or an additional treatment customized for you by your stylist. For dimensional services, a gloss is also included!

04. What's included in my color service?

The very best way to contact us is through email! This allows us to fully focus on the guest in our chair and also give you our full attention when answering your email at a later time! Our email is info@upliftedsalon.com. You will likely communicate with our Guest Experience Manager, Marisa! 

01. What's the best way to contact the salon?

You've got questions - We've got Answers

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